Profil – English


As he’s always been attracted by Hong-Kong cinema and the Japanese artistic universe,  Samuel incorporates a professional stunt team in Japan in 2002. This marks his debut as a stunt actor in “Characters Shows”, a very popular theater group from which emanates Power Rangers’ franchise.
He’s noticed and takes part in many projects throughout Asia: ULTRAMAN MAX, KAMEN RAIDER HIBIKI, MAGIC RANGER, GIANT SAVER…

He continues his career on the other side of the planet as an actor and stunt performer on movie productions such as BOURNE 5, SPECTRE 007.
He also performs as stand-in and stunt double specialized in fights in “L’EMPEREUR DE PARIS” (Vincent CASSEL) and FAST & FURIOUS 6″ (Luke Evans).

Drawing on the experience gained alongside the biggest names in the stunt industry, he continues on his path on various projects as a Action Director 2nd Unit, fight choreographer and stunt coordinator: “HAI PHUONG/FURIE”, “NICKY LARSON/CITY HUNTER”, “THE HUNTING”…

In the heart of Action

  • DOB: March 1st 1982
  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 176Ibs
  • Hair: Short / Black
  • Eyes: Brown


  • 2014 : Muller Studios Muller Actor Training - Professional Group / STANISLAVSKI & CHEKOV Methods
  • Since 2014 : Coaching with Scott WILLIAMS / MEISNER Method


  • French
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Action Director 2nd Unit
  • Realistic Fighting Style
  • Hong-Kong Fighting Style
  • Japanese Fighting Style
  • CQC – Close Quarter Combat Fighting Style
  • Firearms
  • Katana / Japanese Sword
  • Wire Work
  • Driving Accuracy / Motorcycle
  • High Falls / Falls
  • Boxing
  • Acrobatic Martial Arts - Free Style
  • Penchak Silat
  • Jeet Kune Do