Profil – English


Ever since he was young, Samuel has been passionate about martial arts practicing and the huge variety of existing combat styles.

He’s been working in the stunt industry as a stunt performer/stunt double specialized in combat: Fast & Furious 6, Bourne 5, Spectre 007, MI6…

Since 2015, he’s been fight choreographer and stunt coordinator on various international projects: The Princess, City Hunter, Furie, Fox Hunt…

In 2020, he becomes action designer and 2nd Unit Action Director for the movie FURIES (Thanh Soï), the prequel of FURIE (Haï Phuong), produced by Studio68, and launched on Netflix.

Samuel is especially committed to constantly sharpen his style. In accordance with the Director, he provides with his team an individual support to the actors during the rehearsals.

His goals: to offer fight choreographies always more eleborated, to obtain the most precise result, and to give the actors the possibility to fully express themselves in a secured environment.

In the heart of Action


  • DOB: March 1st 1982
  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 176Ibs
  • Hair: Short / Black
  • Eyes: Brown


  • 2014 : Muller Studios Muller Actor Training - Professional Group / STANISLAVSKI & CHEKOV Methods
  • Since 2014 : Coaching with Scott WILLIAMS / MEISNER Method


  • French
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Action Director 2nd Unit
  • Stunt Coordinator
  • Fight Choreographer
  • Realistic Fighting Style
  • Hong-Kong Fighting Style
  • Japanese Fighting Style
  • CQC – Close Quarter Combat Fighting Style
  • MMA Fighting Style
  • Firearms
  • Katana / Japanese Sword
  • Wire Work
  • Driving Accuracy / Motorcycle
  • High Falls / Falls
  • Boxing
  • Acrobatic Martial Arts - Free Style
  • Penchak Silat
  • Jeet Kune Do